Smart Cities


According to the latest research, almost 68% of the EU population lives in urban areas and consume around 70% of the total energy. In addition to increasing the urbanization process very fast, the European Commission estimates that in the year 2050 more than 70% of the EU population will live in cities. Given this scenario, urban areas face serious problems: such as pollution, traffic congestion, inefficient use of resources and waste management. Therefore, a new approach is needed to deal with the negative influence of urbanization and provide sustainable development. Making our cities smart and improving the benefits to both administrations and city residents by reducing the environmental impact and improving their lives is a challenge that we have to fight for.

LÖTHO Smart Cities is designed to help local authorities to grow their cities in a sustainable way and to be more efficient. The main objective of our service is to optimize the management of municipal services by using advanced ICT tools (information and communication technology), reduce costs and improve the quality of life of citizens. Our integral strategy is associated in all the crucial areas of operation of the city and aims to provide SMART service mainly in energy efficiency, urban mobility, environment, infrastructure management, public buildings, security, government and citizenship.

  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart People
  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Green